labor Warranty

Allstar Construction and Maintenance warranties the labor associated with your project so you can have confidence that your job was done right. We will promptly address any problems covered by this labor warranty.

Thank you for choosing Allstar Construction and Maintenance for your construction project.  This document outlines the warranty on the labor provided by ACM on your project.  ACM provides a limited warranty on all workmanship for a time period which extends to and covers only such items as required under its Residential Building Contractor’s License pursuant to Minnesota Statues Sections 327A . 02, Subdivisions 1 (a) and 1 ©. The following labor Warrant Periods apply:

10 years:  Gutters, Residential and Commercial Asphalt Shingle Roofing, Siding

5 years:  Flat Roofs, BUR, Metal Roofs, Metal, Soffit & Fascia, Windows

1 year:  Carpentry, Decks, Roof Decking, Chimneys, Masonry

The warranty period runs from earlier of 1) the date ACM ceases work on the property or 2) the date ACM’s building permit is finalized or otherwise closed, if applicable.  If ACM is not paid in full in accordance with the underlying Contract and / or Change Orders, all warranties, express or implied, are null and void.  ACM’s limited warranty is only enforceable by its contracting customer and is not transferable to any subsequent property owners, persons, or entities.  ACM does not warrant or guarantee previous workmanship or pre-existing materials, or any materials or labor that ACM did not originally provide.  ACM does not warrant any consequential, incidental, or other damages related to water intrusion, including but not limited to mold or mold remediation, beyond warranting and repairing ACM’s workmanship within the Warranty Period.  ACM shall not be responsible for rework required as a result of the acts or errors of others.  Subsequent work or attempted repairs by any other entity in connection with the labor and materials ACM provided voids ACM’s limited warranty. 

Performance Guidelines (Minn. Stat. 326B.809 (b):  Allstar Construction Management, LLC.  agrees to complete the work set forth in the contract documents in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications for installation of all materials and all applicable construction codes.

ACM stands behind its work and will promptly address any problems covered by this limited warranty.  Thank you for choosing ACM.  We look forward to working with you!