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Is Your Investment Property a Good Investment?

Investing in a multi-family building can be a great idea as long as the property brings you a return on your investment. Outdated units, however, cannot rent at the highest market value. Simple investments in cabinetry, tile, and flooring transform a space, making it look fresh and new. 

It doesn’t matter if a renter has lived in a space for one year or ten years, that space will need cleaning, paint, and a few repairs. Clean carpet and a fresh coat of paint are expected by new renters. 

This is the perfect time to invest in the unit so it maximizes your return. Let our experts help you turn that unit efficiently and cost-effectively ensuring you can re-lease the space quickly and at market value. Our average turn only takes 15 to 18 days.


Whether you’re looking to make minor repairs, update a kitchen and bathroom, or turn your 2-family apartment into a 3-family, Allstar Construction & Maintenance can help you maintain the safety of your property and add value in the process.

West Stonehill


Upgrade your properties’ appeal with kitchen upgrades and renovations. From new kitchen appliances, fixtures and finishes, modernizing kitchens catch the eyes of prospective renters, and future homeowners. This will mean more demand for your properties and a higher return on your investments.

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If your rental bathrooms are anything but relaxing oasis’s, know that we can help make functional and aesthetic improvements to help attract renters and reduce future repairs.
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We stand behind our work

Allstar Construction and Maintenance warranties the labor associated with your project so you can have confidence that your job was done right. We will promptly address any problems covered by this limited warranty.
• 10 years: Gutters, Residential and Commercial Asphalt Shingle Roofing, Siding
• 5 years: Flat Roofs, BUR, Metal Roofs, Metal, Soffit & Fascia, Windows
• 1 year: Carpentry, Decks, Roof Decking, Chimneys, Masonry

Allstar Construction has done great work on both my residential and commercial properties. Highly recommend this company. Jamie has done a fantastic job of taking care of every step in the construction process. Great contractor with trustworthy people who do great work.
Troy Lindberg
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