Whenever a repair is needed or an emergency emerges, we work with claims management so your homeowners properties are fixed promptly and properly.

Communication Management

 Communicating with insurance adjusters is confusing and time consuming. Let us handle  it. We will manage the communication to ensure  property damage is documented and the full scope of the repair is accounted for.

Mitigations & Restorations

At Allstar Construction & Maintenance, we guarantee that mitigation services will always be performed first. Mitigation will be followed by restoration services as needed. Our mitigation services prevent further damage from happening and are focused on getting your property and belongings out of harm’s way. This will be followed by our restoration services in order to repair the existing damage caused to your property.


The unexpected can always happen, that’s why we’re always prepared for homeowners association repairs in the case of an emergency. We are ready to respond and protect from further damage to property and personal belongings.

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